9th Level Games Summer Tour

9th Level Games Summer Tour

 9th Level Games has recently returned from GENCON and SAN DIEGO COMICCON – a whirlwind of demoing, live play, and talking to people about polymorph™ and showing off the early copies of RETURN TO DARK TOWER.

At SAN DIEGO COMIC CON, Heather and Chris where invited as “gasp” guests – and they got to sit on panels and do an amazing live play. Heather talked about how to pitch games to companies while Chris talked about the state of RPGs today!


On Saturday at the show, Chris hosted (gm’ed) the first in what we hope are a series of unique live play events. The Game was called “But No One Survives the Mad Maze of the Murder Mage” and used a stripped-down version of MAZES. The stage was Chris (as the MC), along with Ryan Omega and Sidney Rubino who acted as the loyal henchmen of the PLAYER CHARACTER. But who was the PC – well, it was a rotating series of SOLO ADVENTURERS from the Audience. It was an amazing time with ridiculous deaths, good-natured humor, and the slick stylings of Mazes. Whenever a player made a false move, failed a roll, or did something dumb – they were unilaterally killed by the totally unfair maze.

For you MAZES gamers out there – here is the CLASS that Sidney was playing – “The BRAVE TORCHBEARER” >


As the light in the darkness are you TOUGH or FAST?

Are you YOUNG, OLD, or ARDENT?

The Brave Torchbearer is ready to take the lead going down into any dungeon. They are equipped with torches and lanterns, a hooked pole, a 10-foot collapsible rod, 50 feet of strong cord, and a warning horn. They tend to wear light, flexible leather – as well as a brightly colored cloak for leading the way when things get cold and grim.

It wasn’t all just games and work though. Yeet got to enjoy the city of San Diego, and especially loved the MALIBU DREAM EXPERIENCE – an immersive “dollcore” playalong.

At Origins and Gencon 9th Level continued with their now annual MAZES TIL MIDNIGHT group game. Black lights, synthwave, and a room chockful of nerds playing a fantasy RPG like it was in their mom’s basement in 1979. This year’s maze is called DRAGONEYE and featured a team of SHADOW ASPECT characters trying to get out of a bad deal with a dragon mobster.

We did have a great show – even if we didn’t win any ENNIE AWARDS (though we were nominated for three of them!). It was tiring but fulfilling, though we may have killed Bug...

GenCon and SDCC are huge sprawling shows with more content than any single person could do – but we tried.

Oh, and Chris finally revealed his true wizardly power, gaining a familiar >

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