Kobolds Ate My Baby!

The original beer & pretzels roleplaying game.

For kobolds in the service of King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG!) their life will undoubtedly be silly, brutal, and short. They may be obliterated by meteorites, betrayed by friends, or brained by frying pans.

Games set in the Kobolds Ate My Baby line cast you as these kobolds. Cheerily march to your death upon the beaks of chickens in the original beer & pretzels roleplaying game!

Each book contains everything you need to play a one-shot game of Kobolds Ate My Baby! Just choose your edition. Do you want the old school BEER rules, or the streamlined polymorph™  version? Plus, grab expansions and merch in our shop and enjoy this cult classic RPG of Kobolds dying quickly and often. All Hail King Torg!