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2022 Level 1 Anthology

2022 Level 1 Anthology

An annual collection of TTRPGs published in time for Free RPG Day.

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The indie RPG scene is a diverse, fascinating, and vibrant part of the TTRPG community. With Level 1: The Indie RPG Anthology, 9th Level Games brings together choice games from the world of indie RPGs in an annual collection published in time for Free RPG Day.

 In the 2022 edition of Level 1, you will enjoy a diverse selection of games connected with the theme of "myths and legends." Stars yearning to be constellations, bards fighting it out in song and verse, neon rockers calling out their foes for a sword fight, a betrayal at a dinner party, and much more!

 With games by Gabrielle Rabinowitz, Dustin Winter, Quinn b. rodriguez, Community Resilience & Social Equity Lab, Steffie de Vaan, Graham Gentz, Monica Valentinelli, Adriel Lee Wilson, Kyle Ott & Desks and Dorks, Nat Mesnard & Patrick Watson, Dare Hickman, V. R. Collins, Zane Graves, Alexi Sargeant, and Jim Dagg.