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Business Wizards

Business Wizards

A TTRPG of corporate horror set in the Arcane World of Business.

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A pun-tastic tabletop roleplaying game that takes players on a magically corporate adventure through the Arcane World of Business.

Game includes:

  • Character Creation
  • Character Sheet
  • 2 Example Adventures
  • 4 Example Wizards
  • GM Guide
  • Everything you need to play a game of Business Wizards!

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  • Game info

    PLAYERS: 3-6
    AGES: 13+
    TIME: 2 hours

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    MSRP: $14.99
    SKU: 9LG8500
    ISBN: 978-1-940621-06-7
    SIZE: 4x6in Softcover

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  • Credits

    DESIGN: Nat Mesnard & Pat Watson
    ILLUSTRATION: James Stowe