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Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying Module 9: The House of Mold

Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying Module 9: The House of Mold

An expansion adventure for use with Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying.

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Exotic remedies, rare potion ingredients, and even mysterious brewing adjuncts command high prices and bring in untold wealth to the powerful families that control their production and distribution. The House of Mold is the source of potent botanical wonders.

But what horrors, hazards, and defenses keep it safe from the thieving fingers of a motley crew? No stories exist of thieves burgling the House of Mold and surviving, but if any did so successfully, would it be wise to tell such tales? There are several stories, however, of well-paid and well-equipped guards catching would-be thieves attempting a heist. The details vary with the vocabulary and aptitude of the storyteller, but the end is always the same gruesome fate for the thieves.