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Mazes Monthly Folio: Year 1

Mazes Monthly Folio: Year 1

An expansion adventure for use with Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying.

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The challenges from a year of Mazes Monthly modules have been compiled and indexed in one convenient tome. This includes more than 80 Hazards, more than 30 unique Edges, and more than 20 traps to fill your Mazes with danger. Inside you will find:

• All Hazard Edges from Mazes Monthly and the Mazes hardcover.
• A Compendium of every Hazard from Mazes Monthly.
• A Compendium of every trap from Mazes Monthly.
• A Litany of Useful Curses.
• An Index of Hazards by the thirty most common edges.
• An Index of Hazards by Danger.
• An Index of Hazards by Hearts.

This is the perfect companion tome for any Maze Controller!