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Return to Dark Tower RPG Player Tower

Return to Dark Tower RPG Player Tower

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The return to Dark Tower RPG Player Tower is a dice roller, a visual player aid, and a carrying solution all in one. The box transforms into a 2-part tower that sits in the middle of the playing area (or the Return to Dark Tower map board). It telescopes from the box, and then adheres to itself using magnets, rising up to a full 16 inches! The tower itself has all of the information needed to play the game printed on its walls.

Player Tower set includes: 

  • Full color player tower with player reference information (in compact 2 piece box) 
  • Dice Roller 
  • Polyhedral dice set (8 dice)
  • Haggle die
  • Full Color character sheet pad
  • Full Color Token Set for tracking Spirit, Hearts, & Forces
  • Full Color Reference Card Deck
  • Game info

    Accessory for Return to Dark Tower RPG

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    MSRP: $49.99
    SKU: 9LG1980B
    UPC: 644637033095
    SIZE: 5x5x7in box

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  • Credits

    DESIGN: Chris O'Neill